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Hiring a personal injury attorney takes the burden of investigating the accident, determining the liable party, negotiating with insurance companies, and presenting evidence against the at-fault party off of your shoulders. At The Dysart Law Firm, P.C. we take pride in providing our clients with exceptional representation.

toxic chemical law firm Missouri

Toxic Chemical Exposure

Addresses the serious health risks associated with exposure to hazardous substances like benzene, silica, and diesel in various environments. We support victims in pursuing compensation for injuries sustained due to environmental, residential, or workplace contamination.

Nursing Home Neglect lawyer Missouri

Nursing Home Neglect

Legal support for issues like nursing home neglect and abuse, advocating for the elderly in medical, financial, and personal safety matters. We work to safeguard seniors and ensure they receive appropriate care and legal recourse against exploitation or harm.

car accident law firm St Louis, MO

Car Accidents

We handle traffic accidents, from simple fender-benders to multi-car pile-ups. If a negligent driver strikes you, we help you recover the full amount of your property damage and medical care.

slip and fall law firm Missouri

Premises Liability

If you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property, we can help. From slip-and-falls to broken bones, trust our team to demand the settlement you deserve.

workplace injury lawyer Chesterfield, MO

Work Place Injuries

Injured on the job? We can help you with the process of securing your workers’ compensation benefits or appealing a denied claim.

truck accident injury lawyer Chesterfield, MO

Truck Accidents

From highway collisions to crashes involving tractor trailers, our firm assists victims in securing the compensation they need for their injuries.

pedestrian bicycle accident law firm St Louis MO

Pedestrian / Bicycle Accidents

Whether you were struck by a car while crossing a street, crossing a parking lot, or walking in general, we can help you secure a settlement to cover the medical care for your extensive injuries.

barge jones act law firm Missouri

Barge / Jones Act Accidents

Barge and Jones Act accidents on waterways can lead to catastrophic injuries, including burns and drowning. Our firm provides dedicated legal support to victims, fighting for fair compensation and justice.

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