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Recovered in 2011 Hartford, IL environmental contamination case


2003 case for family of child killed in window fall


Mid-trial settlement for man injured in elevator accident


Neck injury sustained in a slip and fall on apartment building staircase

Trust your Case to Chris Dysart, a former Federal Prosecutor for the state of Illinois

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Have you been hurt in an avoidable accident? Maybe you were injured on the job, struck by another driver, or slipped and fell at the grocery store. If you were hurt because someone else was negligent or lacked proper oversight to protect your safety, you may have a personal injury claim.

After an accident, you may face mounting medical costs, possibly be out of work and unable to pay bills and wonder what to do next. Our personal injury team at The Dysart Law Firm, P.C. can help you pursue compensation for these losses and more.

We’re here beside you during this trying time, helping lift the legal burden off your shoulders. Call now to schedule your free consultation.

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Staci Gusewelle
Staci Gusewelle
Mr. Dysart and his staff worked diligently on my case. Very knowledgeable and constant communication. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney with an excellent outcome.
Cheryl Stamper
Cheryl Stamper
Chris and his entire team were great to work with. They were always helpful and they always took the time to listen to my questions and to try to find the answers for them. I would recommend The Dysart Law Firm to anyone looking for help. Thanks again Chris!
Jan Hunter
Jan Hunter
Thank you to the entire staff of the Dysrt Law Firm for their aid in successfully helping me through a very stressful situation. Their professionalism was, in my opinion, unrivaled. The caring attitude of all involved made it much easier.for someone as unexperienced as I. It almost felt like I was dealing with friends. I will always be grateful for their assistance and encouragemment.
Margie Snider
Margie Snider
Staff is kind and thorough, maintaining professional along with being personable. Always returned calls, answered any and all questions. Chris was super helpful. Highly recommend.
Kathy Disher
Kathy Disher
The Dysart Law Firm provided excellent services to our family in a time of great loss. Everyone from the supportive staff to Chris Dysart himself was courteous and professional. Our questions were always answered in a timely fashion. We were able to settle our case without a lengthy, heart wrenching trial. Our family would recommend the Dysart Law Firm.
Dion Vanbiljon
Dion Vanbiljon
The office is all so very knowledgeable and helpful.
John Wendland
John Wendland
Chris Dysart provided everything I could have asked for - professional staff, great communication, easy to work with, and a really fair settlement while avoiding having to go to court.

Why Choose The Dysart Law Firm, P.C.?

Client-Centered Advocacy

We dedicate the time and attention necessary to build a solid claim for you. Our attorneys handle complex negotiations and fight for the compensation you’re entitled to. We listen to your side, believe you, and answer any questions you have about your case.

Support for Your Medical Needs

We fight for a high settlement offer to ensure that you have the funds you need for all related medical care, including rehabilitative therapy and other after-care needs. Our legal team gathers appropriate supporting documentation to properly value your medical care. We advocate for competitive compensation and fight to reach that goal.

Financial Resources

We have the resources to handle complex personal injury cases and secure expert testimony. As a dedicated local firm, we prioritize personalized service, helping you make informed decisions for you and your family. Contact us to get started.


We work to level the playing field for those who are forced to take on big insurance companies through no fault of their own. In 2003, our firm was recognized by the National Law Journal as National Litigator of the Month for obtaining an $18 million dollar jury verdict involving the death of a child. The Missouri Lawyers Weekly has listed our firm in the Top 10 jury verdicts in the State of Missouri. In 2011, The Dysart Law Firm, P.C. settled a case for $39.5 Million.

We have litigated and tried cases on behalf of the NASA, the United States Air Force, the Mine Safety and Health Administration, the Motion Pictures Association of America, and Fortune 500 Companies. Most importantly, we have represented individuals just like you against some of the largest corporations in the world.

Client Testimonial

Our client faced a life-threatening cancer diagnosis linked to benzene exposure from a nearby refinery. Chris Dysart provided exceptional legal representation, successfully linking the illness to environmental factors. His efforts secured the necessary compensation for medical expenses and suffering, alleviating financial burdens and offering our client a renewed hope for the future.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?


Law firm fees vary by the lawyer and by the firm. At The Dysart Law Firm, P.C., we litigate personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis. This allows for our injured clients to access skilled legal representation without incurring a lot of upfront legal debt.

A contingency fee arrangement means that we assess legal fees only if we negotiate a settlement for your case out of court or a jury award at trial. Our fees are a percentage of the final total, including expenses incurred litigating your claim. We’ll gladly discuss fees during your initial free consultation.

How much is my personal injury case worth?


The value of a personal injury claim is based on the extent of the victim’s (referred to as the plaintiff’s) losses. Some cases, where the injuries are mild and the plaintiff makes a full recovery, are worth just a few thousand dollars, while others, wherein the plaintiff suffers a permanent, debilitating injury, may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Our lawyers have the depth of experience in St. Louis personal injury cases to accurately value your case and assign a proper value to all your losses.

How do you prove negligence in personal injury claims?


Our firm gathers evidence and investigates the circumstances of your accident to prove that the other party (another person or an entity like a corporation) owed you a duty of care but breached that duty of care through negligence.

We may depose witnesses, evaluate safety records, review photos or video footage of the accident, and use your medical records and expert witness testimony to build your claim.

The insurance company offered me a settlement. Why do I need a lawyer?


Be assured that any settlement the other party’s insurance carrier offers right off the bat is going to be a small fraction of what your case is truly worth. Seasoned insurance attorneys, like seasoned personal injury lawyers, can quickly determine the value of a case. If they suspect the case is worth a substantial amount, then they’ll offer you what seems like a lot of money just to go away.

Be wary. Once you accept a settlement, you can’t ask for more money if it turns out that the settlement doesn’t cover the cost of medical complications or a stay in a nursing care facility. A lawyer can accurately value your claim and gather the right evidence to support a higher settlement counteroffer.

What if the other party’s insurance company contacts me?


You don’t have to say anything, and often, it’s best that you don’t. You’re not their client, so you don’t have to give them a statement right off the bat. You can feel comfortable referring any communication from the other side to your lawyer, including communications from the defendant’s lawyer. We can help make sure that your words aren’t twisted into an admission of fault.

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